[R] Special paper for postscript

Lorenz.Gygax@fat.admin.ch Lorenz.Gygax at fat.admin.ch
Thu Feb 3 08:00:17 CET 2005

> When I generate a "special" paper postscript image larger than
> "a4" or "letter" using R, I can only see one-page portion of all 
> image, of course.
> What will be the simple solution for this? Is there any way I 
> can set the bounding box information on the image? Or any other
> suggestions?

I often use 'special' paper for graphs that are smaller than A4. I believe
that the postscript files thus created do have the correct bounding box. If
you import such a graph it shows the right boundaries. Alternatively if I
look at such a graph in ghostview I can set the boundaries myself in the
Menu Media->user defined according to the bounding boxes in the postscript

Thus, I am not sure what your problem is ...

Regards, Lorenz
Lorenz Gygax, Dr. sc. nat.
Centre for proper housing of ruminants and pigs
Swiss Federal Veterinary Office
agroscope FAT Tänikon, CH-8356 Ettenhausen / Switzerland

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