[R] trouble with wilcox.test

P Ehlers ehlers at math.ucalgary.ca
Thu Aug 18 16:13:42 CEST 2005

I think your guess about stack overflow is probably correct and I
definitely don't think it's worth wasting effort recoding.

Peter Ehlers

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> If this is stack overflow (and I don't know that yet: when I tried this on 
> Windows the traceback was clearly corrupt, referring to bratio), the issue 
> is that it is impossible to catch such an error, and it is not even AFAIK
> portably possible to find the stack size limit (or even the current usage) 
> to do some estimates.  (The amount of RAM is not relevant.)  On 
> Unix-alikes the stack size limit can be controlled from the shell used to 
> launch R so we don't have any a priori knowledge.
> The underlying code could be rewritten not to use recursion, but that 
> seems not worth the effort involved.
> All I can see we can do it to put a warning in the help file.


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