[R] Package under R 2.1.0: package.rds

huan.huang@uk.bnpparibas.com huan.huang at uk.bnpparibas.com
Thu Apr 21 09:46:29 CEST 2005

I sent this email yesterday and it didn't come out in the email list. I
re-send it here:

Hi everybody,

I have trouble installing my own package under R 2.1.0 (it is fine under R
2.0.1). My OS is Windows NT.

I installed my package 'mag' by using menu "Packages/Install package from
local zip files....". It's fine (html package description was updated). But
when I typed in library(mag) it gave me error:
Error in library(mag) : there is no package called 'mag'

I traced the library() and found the problem is in meta/package.rds
I don't have my own package.rds file. I copied the whole meta directory from base package (to make my package work under R 2.0.0). Function
.find.package() looks up some package information in package.rds file and get the wrong information (info about base rather than mine "mag".

I was trying to make my own package.rds file. I looked up the manual (writing R extension) and R help archives and can't find relevant information.
Can anybody show me the way to it please?

Many many thanks,

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