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On 02-Apr-05 Markus Hummel (WEB.DE) wrote:
> Hello,
> i am searching now the R-Documentation many hours, but i cannot find a 
> solution to my problem. I hope, i can solve my issue with R.
> i have data-tables, 15*40 data-tables
> i want to visualise this.
> [...]
> i want it for 15x40 grid in a big window, so i can scroll and see how 
> the data-tables change.
> i tried to do so, but with many grids i become the error
> " Error in plot.new() : Figure margins too large "
> is something like that possible with r?

I don't know if there is a direct way to do it (others are
expert in unusual graphics), but the following, for instance,
works on my system (Red Hat Linux, Gnome desktop):


with the result that there is a long horizontal window,
extending far beyond the sides of the X display. At any
one time it shows about 1500 of the 4000 data points.

The window can be slid from left to right by putting
the mouse on the top bar, holding down the left button,
and dragging the window from side to side.

Then the parts off the screen to one side come onto the
screen, and the part on the screen at the other side
disappear off the screen.

You could try doing say
to put 15x40 2-inch by 2-inch graphs onto it. In my system,
I can move this X window onto a different "workspace" so
that it does not interfere with the workspace where I'm
doing the R work. However, there doesn't seem to be a
means to mive it up and down in the same way as from side to
side: only the top bar works for this, and it cannot be moved
ff the screen.

Good luck,

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