[R] Cox regression for prevalence estimates

Bernardo Rangel Tura tura at centroin.com.br
Tue Sep 7 15:11:32 CEST 2004

At 09:27 07/09/2004, you wrote:

>Bernardo Rangel Tura wrote:
>>At , The Michaelson Institute wrote:
>>>How can R be used to calculate the prevalence ratios using Cox regression +
>>>robust variance estimates ?
>>In Design package have a command: cph
>>This command have a option "robsut" with default=FALSE, but in help is write:
>>" ... robust if TRUE a robust variance estimate is returned. ..."
>>I think that is your response...
>>Bernardo Rangel Tura, MD, MSc
>>National Institute of Cardiology Laranjeiras
>>Rio de Janeiro Brazil
>No, robust is an option to coxph, not cph.  cph uses 'after the fit' 
>correction using the robcov or bootcov functions in Design.
>Frank E Harrell Jr   Professor and Chair           School of Medicine
>                      Department of Biostatistics   Vanderbilt University

Sorry Frank!
I made a digitation mistake, but I think yours package answers the Tomas 
Karpati´s need.

Thanks in advance

Bernardo Rangel Tura, MD, MSc
National Institute of Cardiology Laranjeiras
Rio de Janeiro Brazil  

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