[R] Problem in building a package in R 2.0.0

Mikis Stasinopoulos d.stasinopoulos at londonmet.ac.uk
Sun Oct 31 12:26:49 CET 2004

Dear all

I am trying  to build a package in Windows.
I use the following command  (which it used to work with previous 
versions ) and I am getting the  following error

C:\PROGRA~1\R\rw2000\bin>Rcmd build --binary --use-zip 
* checking for file 
'C:\PROGRA~1\R\rw2000\src\library\gamlss/DESCRIPTION' ... OK

installing R.css in c:/TEMP/Rbuild.1520

---------- Making package gamlss ------------
  adding build stamp to DESCRIPTION
  installing R files
  installing inst files
  installing data files
  preparing package gamlss for lazy data loading
  installing man source files
  installing indices
  zipping data
  installing help
 >>> Building/Updating help pages for package 'gamlss'
     Formats: text html latex example chm
  BB                                text    html    latex   example
  BCPE                              text    html    latex   example
  BCt                               text    html    latex   example
  BI                                text    html    latex   example
  update.gamlss                     text    html    latex   example
  usair                             text    html    latex   example
  wp                                text    html    latex   example
  zipping help files
hhc: not found
  preparing package gamlss for lazy loading
Error in tools:::.read_description(file) :
        file '/DESCRIPTION' does not exist
Execution halted
make: *** [lazyload] Error 1
*** Installation of gamlss failed ***

Removing 'c:/TEMP/Rbuild.1520/gamlss'
* installation failed

* building 'gamlss_0.4-0.zip'
Can't stat gamlss: No such file or directory
        zip warning: name not matched: gamlss

zip error: Nothing to do! (try: zip -r9X 
ip . -i gamlss)

It looks that .read_description() can not pick the DESCRIPTION file 
Note that checking the package using  "Rcmd check 
works and that  I can install the package locally using  "make pkg-gamlss".


Mikis Stasinopoulos

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