[R] plot.baysian error = only 0's may mix with negative subscripts

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Thu Oct 28 19:43:53 CEST 2004

dinos at northwestern.edu wrote:
> Dear R users and developers
> After upgrading to Windows XP and R 1.9.1 and 2.0, I retried to execute
> plot.baysian() to a data set that I had used previously to plot with no
> problem in win2000 R1.8.  The error I get is:
> Error in points(Mbar[-index], lods[-index], pch = ".") : 
>         only 0's may mix with negative subscripts

What is plot.baysian()?
Do you mean  plot.bayesian()  from package "sma"?
Probably an error has been fixed that caused your data to be plotted 
inaccurately in R < 1.9.x ... or there is a bug in sma.
But without the data it's hard to say.

So the suggestion is to ask the package maintainer of sma by providing a 
simple and easily reproducible example...

Uwe Ligges

> Thanx in advance
> Dino
> P.S.  I allready sent this message once but without a subject.  I
> apologize for the inconvenience

P.S. And with this message we do know thrice that you are:

> Konstantinos G. Liolios
> IT Software Engineer II
> Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison
> Depts.  Pathology and Microbiology-Immunology
> Northwestern University
> Ward 3-240
> 303 E. Chicago Avenue
> Chicago IL 60611
> Tel: 312-503-0224
> Fax:312-503-0281
> http://www.haldarlab.northwestern.edu

[I removed the next two information blocks who you are, since I think 
it's sufficient for most of us to have one of these blocks...]

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