[R] Data-Mining with R vs. ACL

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Wed Oct 27 20:05:26 CEST 2004


as a Newbie with R and former user of ACL/Monarch I have a lot of questions, which I can\'t clear despite all the documentation. 

-Read Data in
How can I 
--Filter records from a file (exclude recurring headlines)
--Filter single fields from complex reports (cut information out of the report like a mask)
--Bond records consisting of several lines in plain report file
--Possibility to evaluate data files instead of importing them into R (solution for very big plain files > 2 GB)

-Analyse Data
How can I
--classify/summarize data with key field as in ACL (generate a result list with the grouped field and the result field)
--Join two tables as in SQL (outer/inner join between two tables)

I did read the posting guide carefully and a lot of documents, but can\'t find the answers - I apologize for all inconveniences if I have overlooked something. 


P.S. Is there somebody else who has experiences in ACL as well (Quickstart in R after a change from ACL)?

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