[R] ploting axes and rotating strings

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Have you tried the adj parameter in par as in 

axis(side=3,at=0:100/100,labels=0:100,las=2,cex.axis=0.1, adj = 0.5)


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I have two question that rose from trying to tacle the same problem in two
differnet ways.

What I want to do is to plot axes (only values or labels, no tick marks) 
such a way that 'cex' can be very small, text can be perpendicular to the
axis (as in axis(las=2) ) and the text is stil at the right position.

Let me demonstrate with a small example:

The text on the axis should be at the same points as tick marks, but it is
shifted right.
I tried to bypas the problem by using function 'text', which puts the text
at the correct positions, however, it has another problem. I would like to
rotate the text, but if I use 'str=90' (to rotate the text for 90 
I get a warning massage:
Warning message:
parameter "str" couldn't be set in high-level plot() function

This suprises me, since if I read the help correctly ('?par'), then this
should not happen.

So if anyone can either hepl me to rotate the text in 'text' or to 
plot the text in 'axis', I would be very grateful.


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