[R] predicting x values in a polynomial regression

Sebastian Leuzinger Sebastian.Leuzinger at unibas.ch
Wed Oct 27 10:26:02 CEST 2004

Dear R

I would like to predict x-values in a 4th order polynomial regression:

x <- c(1:10)
y <- c(2,7,19,49,89,94,97,98,92,89) # these are percentages

lm(y ~ x+I(x^2)+I(x^3)+I(x^4)-1) -> lm1

now I would like to know what the model fit (x-value) for y=50 is. This 
results in solving a 4th order quadratic equation. polyroot() does not 
really help because it only gives me the x-values for y=0. I have tried 
with nls() which sort of works, but I am sure there is a much easier 
solution to that, can anyone give me a hint?
Sebastian Leuzinger
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