[R] read.spss Error reading system-file header

Björn Stollenwerk b.stollenwerk at gmx.de
Tue Oct 26 10:31:31 CEST 2004

Hi Jake,

I had and still have got the same problem. There were two columns in the 
data frame which contain just missing values. When I deleted those the 
impord seemed to work, but there is still a warning message.

Warning message:
C:\test.sav: Unrecognized record type 7, subtype 13 encountered in 
system file.

Jake Wegelin wrote:

 > Is there any documentation on what kind of SPSS file can and cannot be
 > read by read.spss? Alternatively, how can one modify or "clean" an SPSS
 > file to make it readable by read.spss? What properties must a *.sav file
 > before read.spss can read it?

 > The file in this example is 270KB, with 5 rows and 173 columns. I 
have no
 > trouble reading larger files with read.spss, so it's not merely a size
 > problem. I have no difficulty opening the file in SPSS. I also have no
 > trouble getting read.spss to read a dummy SPSS file with 5 rows and 173
 > columns, where each entry was randomly sampled from c(letters, LETTERS).

 > /> library("foreign") /
 > /> junk<-read.spss("indata/z2EXvideo.sav") /
 > Error in read.spss("indata/z2EXvideo.sav") :
 >         Error reading system-file header.
 > In addition: Warning message:
 > indata/z2EXvideo.sav: File layout code has unexpected value 50331648. 
Value should be 2, in
 > big-endian or little-endian format.

 > Thanks for any information

 > Jake Wegelin

/> version /

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