[R] grouping for lme with nested repeated measurements

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Mon Oct 25 08:24:48 CEST 2004

A variable is considered to be nested when it is unique within that 
combination.  i.e. if your measuring Apparatus was different at each sample. 
  Hence, as Lorenz suggested it is reasonable to treat Apparatus as fixed, 
specially if you are considering making comparisons between the 2 apparatus.

I hope that this helps


>From: Lorenz.Gygax at fat.admin.ch
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>Subject: RE: [R] grouping for lme with nested repeated measurements
>Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 08:11:21 +0200
> > 1.The simple problem ist that i have different Samples , from
> > which i make repeated measurements (each sample is measured 6
> > times) and i repeat this experiment over several Days, so i
> > get the lme grouping term "random=~1|Days/Sample".
>I would rather specify this as: random= ~ 1 | Sample/Days, but I
>am not quite sure how this affects the model.
> > 2. Now i am measuring with 2 different measuring Apparatus
> > the same Sample each 6 times, to see how big the difference
> > from the appratus is.
> > Because Apparatus is on the level of repeated measurements i
> > cant write Days/Sample/Apparatus. the lme function offers a
> > list() feature to design the grouping, but i didnt understand
> > this, if it is the solution to the problem.
>Why would you want to include the Apparatus in the random effect?
>I assume that you are interested in differences and thus, this
>is a fixed effect:
>lme (fixed= response ~ apparatus, data= XX, random= ~ 1 | Sample/Days)
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