[R] dotplot & lattice problems: y axis values and bg color output in jpg

Olaf Mersmann olafm at tako.de
Sat Oct 23 00:38:31 CEST 2004

Hi Paul.
* Paul Johnson <pauljohn at ku.edu> [041023 00:24]:

> That is the dotplot one. The picture is basically the same, except the 
> numbers on the y axis only go up to 8.  But the dots are in the correct 
> spots and the x axis is labeled correctly.

Unless RENUCYC is a factor, a dotplot makes little sense. Afaik you're
looking for an xyplot. 

> On the screen, the plots have white backgrounds, but the picture from 
> the dotplot turns out gray. Why is that?  

It's the default lattice color sheme which makes for easier viewing on
computer screens.

> Sometimes, if I run another
> lattice plot in the same session, the colors change to the dark 
> background, and I suppose the same trouble is happening.  Isn't 
> trellis.par.set() going to remain in place for all following trellis plots?

To quote the manual:
"Once a device is open, it's settings can be modified. When another
instance of the same device is opened later using trellis.device, the
settings for that device are reset to its defaults, unless otherwise
specified in the call to trellis.device."


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