[R] Incompatibility between R-2.0.0 and Rggobi_1.0-0.

Aruna Buddana buddanaak at ornl.gov
Fri Oct 22 15:38:53 CEST 2004

I was trying to install Rggobi in the latest version of R and it gave me 
a compilation error for
 R CMD INSTALL Rggobi_1.0-0.tar.gz

RSGGobi.C: In function RS_GGOBI_init
(R_IsNaNorNA) undeclared (line 77)

I searched for this function in R src files and it was abandoned in 
~/R-2.0.0/src/include/R_ext/Arith.h file.
Only functions

int R_IsNA(double);        /* True for R's NA only */
int R_IsNaN(double);        /* True for special NaN, *not* for NA */

are declared leaving out R_IsNaNorNA.
This funcion was declared in R-1.9.1.

So I changed (R_IsNaNorNA) to (R_IsNA) in  ~/Rggobi/src. Then I built 
Rggobi and installed it using R CMD

Can anyone tell me if there is any other way to do it? Was I right?

Aruna Buddana,
Intern, Statistics and Data Sciences
Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

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