[R] Matrix/Table col headings R 2.0.0

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Thu Oct 21 15:20:21 CEST 2004

Robert W. Baer, Ph.D. wrote:

> I have been looking at some 'table' examples in Peter Dalgaard's ISwR book, and I am confused by how to get right justification of my table headings when I use the tables() command.  Compare the following:
> # Produces right justfified column names
> caff.marital=matrix(c(652,1537,598,242,36,46,38,21,218,327,106,67),nrow=3,byrow=T)
> colnames(caff.marital)=c("0","1-150","151-300",">300")
> rownames(caff.marital)=c("Married","Prev.married","Single")
> caff.marital
> class(caff.marital)
> #Produces Left justified column names
> library(ISwR)
> data(juul)
> attach(juul)
> sex.tan=table(sex,tanner)
> colnames(sex.tan)=c("I","II","IIII","IV","V")
> rownames(sex.tan)=c("M","F")
> sex.tan
> class(sex.tan)
> # Finally, look at (left justified)
> as.table(caff.marital)
> Somehow PD got right justified columns with this dataset.  Is there a new way of doing things in version 2.0.0, my ignorance, a bug?  I tried making the columns factors first, but in my hands this did not appear to help either.  Thanks for any insight.

[Since this question seems to be unanswered:]

This is a question related to Peter Dalgaard's book, so why don't you 
ask the author rather than the whole world?

Note that caff.materia is a matrix while as.table(caff.marital) is a 
table (and has a different print method).

Why does the justification matter here? I'm much too lazy to look for 
changes in R related to your question - but probably you have done 
yourself before asking the question...???
And why don't you cite the example you are referring to (e.g. by a page 
number!!!) exactly? I'm also too lazy to read Peter's book once more 
just in order to find the example you are talking about!

Uwe Ligges

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