[R] Drawing multiple line plots

Chuck Cleland ccleland at optonline.net
Wed Oct 20 14:45:19 CEST 2004


   For example:

myFrame <- data.frame(lowest = c(0.107, 0.091, 0.126),
                       second = c(0.115, 0.107, 0.103),
                       third = c(0.123, 0.115, 0.126),
                       fourth = c(0.115, 0.142, 0.129),
                       highest = c(0.166, 0.179, 0.142),
                       sig = c(0.000, 0.000, 0.031))


matplot(t(myFrame[,-6]), type="l", xaxt="n", ylab="INMET",
                          col=c("black", "red", "blue"), lty=c(1,1,1))

axis(side=1, at=1:5, names(myFrame)[1:5])

legend(1, 0.18, c("INAS", "MMA", "DMA"), lty=c(1,1,1),
                 col=c("black", "red", "blue"))

Arin Basu wrote:
> Hi All:
> Greetings, and best wishes from the festive times here at Kolkata, India -- the time of Durga Puja celebrations. 
> I seek your advice as I try plotting lines for my data. The problem:
> I have created a dataframe that looks like this (name: myFrame):
>           lowest second third fourth highest    significance
> INAS      0.107  0.115 0.123  0.115   0.166 0.000
> MMA       0.091  0.107 0.115  0.142   0.179 0.000
> DMA       0.126  0.103 0.126  0.129   0.142 0.031
> The numbers in the dataframe indicate values of a continuous variable INMET (indicating ratio of inorganic arsenic vesus methylated arsenic species) for the respective quintiles of variables INAS, MMA, and DMA; "lowest" through "highest" indicate quintile levels of INAS, 
> MMA, and DMA. INAS, MMA, and DMA are discrete ordinal variables (factors, each variable has following levels: lowest, ..., highest). Significance indicates significance levels. 
>>From this dataframe, I want to plot INAS, MMA, and DMA (x-axis : levels "lowest" through "highest", y-axis: values of INMET) as separate lineplots in the same graphic window. I can individually plot lines for INAS,MMA, and DMA; however, I want the three lines to appear in the same graph (say in different colors). 
> Searching the archives and the documentation, I got to interaction.plot(), but this is not what I want. 
> I can export the dataframe to a spreadsheet program and can draw such a graph (one graph with multiple lines, one for INAS, one for MMA, and one for DMA), but would prefer to do it in R. 
> I looked for, but could not locate how to do that in either the R documentation, or the archives of mailing list postings. I suspect I am missing something very obvious; if there is a solution that I was inept to look up in the documentation or archives, I duly apologize.
> Would greatly appreciate your advice.
> Kind regards,
> Arin Basu
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