[R] lattice, xyplot layout questions

Frank Samuelson fws4 at cdrh.fda.gov
Tue Oct 19 18:23:56 CEST 2004

1.  How do I get a grid in the background of my xyplots,
     like Figure 1 of

2. In my scatter xyplot I have multiple columns and rows of panels.
    I would like to have different y scales for panels in different
    rows (panels in same rows have same y scales).  In such a scenario,
    only the outside axes are necessary, just like the case where all
    y scales are  the same (scales$x$relation="same").

    Is there an easy way to do this, so no additional space or axis
    labels appear?

    I tried setting scales$y$relation="free" and
    scales$y$limits.  This puts space between every column
    and a y axis on every panel, which isn't necessary.
    I nuked the unwanted axes by setting scales$y$at appropriately,
    and I tried to rid myself of the space using between=list(x=0,y=0),
    but that didn't work.  Is there some other flag to try?

Thanks for any help.


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