[R] plot.ts: controling ylim and using expression in ylab

Ernesto Jardim ernesto at ipimar.pt
Tue Oct 19 15:56:08 CEST 2004


I'm using plot.ts for a multivariate time series and I want to define
ylim for all plots. In the past I had to hack plot.mts to do it. Now I'm
using the new plot.ts but I'm still having problems with ylim and it
seems to ignore the expressions for ylab.

Can someone help me on this ?


plot.ts(hke.ts, main="",xlab="year", ylab=c(expression(U[ICES]),
expression(bar(U)[y]), expression(hat(U)[y]), expression(tilde(U)[y]), 
expression(tilde(U)[y]*"*"), expression(B[ICES]), expression(SSB[ICES]),
expression(B[SURV]), expression(SSB[SURV])), ylim=c(0,3.5), nc=3)

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