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Thank you for your help!
I gave you an example, you could run it in R . Maybe you will understand my meaning clearly.

x <- data.frame(main.name="AAA", x.name=rep(c("Apply","Watermelon","Lemon","Banana",
		"Grape","Pineapply","Cherry","Peach","Orange","Mango","Strawberry"),each=5), y.name=(1:55))
plot(x$x.name, x$y.name)

I can't find you said package ,whick library should I include in R ?

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At 16:17 2004-10-15 +0800, you wrote:

>[...] I want to rotate the direction of  x-coordinates' letter so that it 
>can show all. But I don't know how to write this option or function .

I'm not sure if I've understood your question correctly. But if you use 
base graphics and want e.g. rotated labels, you'll achive this rather 
easily using functions in the gridBase package. (Take a look at the package 
vignette for an  example that'll get you started.)


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