[R] SJava 0.65 and R 2.0.0 (slightly long)

Rajarshi Guha rxg218 at psu.edu
Fri Oct 15 18:51:17 CEST 2004

  I had some Java code that worked with SJava 0.65 under R 1.8.*. I'm
trying to get it to work with R 2.0.0. My JVM is Sun 1.5.0 (running on
Fedora Core 2)

I downloaded and installed SJava 0.65 in my personal directory using

R CMD INSTALL SJava-0.65.tar.gz -l ~/src/Rlibrary

and before starting R I sourced RJava.bsh. However after loading the
SJava library if  do javaConfig() I get


[1] "/omegahat/Jars/Environment.jar" "/.."
[3] "/omegahat/Jars/antlr.jar"       "/omegahat/Jars/jas.jar"
[5] "/omegahat/Jars/jhall.jar"
[1] ""


and doing .JavaInit() gives me:

JVM (nil) Env (nil)
[1] error initializing manager class Cannot find the Omegahat interface
manager class. Check you classpath!
Error in .JavaInit() : Couldn't start Java Virtual Machine: Cannot find
the Omegahat interface manager class. Check you classpath!

>From the output fof javaConfig() I was'nt surprised. However I thought
that the install would set the paths to the OmegaHat interface manager.

So I set the classpath to

/home/rajarshi/src/Rlibrary/SJava/org/omegahat/Jars/../Interfaces: \
/home/rajarshi/src/Rlibrary/SJava/org/omegahat/Jars/../R/Java: \
/home/rajarshi/src/Rlibrary/SJava/org/omegahat/Jars/antlr.jar: \
/home/rajarshi/src/Rlibrary/SJava/org/omegahat/Jars/Environment.jar: \
/home/rajarshi/src/Rlibrary/SJava/org/omegahat/Jars/jas.jar: \
/home/rajarshi/src/Rlibrary/SJava/org/omegahat/Jars/jhall.jar: \

and then starting up R and doing javaConfig() I get the same output as
before (except that the above paths are now in the CLASSPATH).

I also noted that the OMEGA_HOME variable is set to "". This did not
seem to be right so I tried setting it to 


from my shell but on starting up R and loading SJava and running
javaConfig() I see that OMEGA_HOME is still set to ""

Does anybody have any pointers as to whats going on? 

(I also tried SJava 0.68, but thought it installs fine and .JavaInit()
works, when I try the example on the SJava download page, my R session

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