[R] Testing for normality of residuals in a regression model

Kjetil Brinchmann Halvorsen kjetil at acelerate.com
Fri Oct 15 16:12:07 CEST 2004

John Fox wrote:

>Dear Federico,
>A problem with applying a standard test of normality to LS residuals is that
>the residuals are correlated and heterskedastic even if the standard
>assumptions of the model hold. In a large sample, this is unlikely to be
>problematic (unless there's an unusual data configuration), but in a small
>sample the effect could be nontrivial.
>One approach is to use BLUS residuals, which transform the LS residuals to a
>smaller set of uncorrelated, homoskedastic residuals (assuming the
>correctness of the model).
I'm not sure if this are BLUE residuals, but the following function 
transform to a
smaller set of independent, homoscedastic residuals and the calls 
I've proposed to make this a method for shapiro.test for "lm" objects, 
but it is
not accepted.

function (obj)
    eff <- effects(obj)
    rank <- obj$rank
    df.r <- obj$df.residual
    if (df.r < 3)
        stop("To few degrees of freedom for residual for the test.")
    data.name <- deparse(substitute(obj))
    x <- eff[-(1:rank)]
    res <- shapiro.test(x)
    res$data.name <- data.name
    res$method <- paste(res$method, " for residuals of linear model")


> A search of R resources didn't turn up anything
>for BLUS, but they shouldn't be hard to compute. This is a standard topic
>covered in many econometrics texts.
>You might consider the alternative of generating a bootstrapped confidence
>envelope for the QQ plot; the qq.plot() function in the car package will do
>this for a linear model.
>I hope this helps,
> John
>John Fox
>Department of Sociology
>McMaster University
>Hamilton, Ontario
>Canada L8S 4M4
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>>Hi all,
>>Is it possible to have a test value for assessing the 
>>normality of residuals from a linear regression model, 
>>instead of simply relying on qqplots?
>>I've tried to use fitdistr to try and fit the residuals with 
>>a normal distribution, but fitdsitr only returns the 
>>parameters of the distribution and the standard errors, not 
>>the p-value. Am I missing something?
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