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Fri Oct 15 12:31:42 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Vadim" == Vadim Ogranovich <vograno at evafunds.com>
>>>>>     on Thu, 14 Oct 2004 10:50:08 -0700 writes:

    Vadim> I thought that maybe authors of books on R should be
    Vadim> allowed (encouraged ?) to announce
    Vadim> availability/revisions of their books via the
    Vadim> R-packages list?

Well, most good *) books on R nowadays have a (usually small) R
package going along, for datasets and some own functions.

*) One notable current exception: Uwe Ligges book
   __in German__  >> http://www.statistik.uni-dortmund.de/~ligges/PmitR/
   But maybe he'll change that too.

    Vadim> For example I'd be very interested to have another
    Vadim> look at Dr. Torgo's book when it becomes more
    Vadim> complete and I'd appreciate a revision notice via the list.

Hmm, I'm really reluctant to change the 'R-packages' policy,
particularly because it won't be necessary in general (see above).
Further note that we have the 'R Newsletter' with book reviews,
Further comments are welcome.

Martin Maechler

    Vadim> Thanks, Vadim

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    >> > > Luís Torgo, Data Mining with R. Learning by case studies, Maggio 
    >> > > 2003 http://www.liacc.up.pt/~ltorgo/DataMiningWithR/
    >> > 
    >> > Please note that that reference is not about large 
    >> datasets, nor about 
    >> > `data mining' in the generally used sense.  It has two studies, one 
    >> > incomplete, on linear regression (with 200 samples) and on 
    >> time series.
    >> I would like to add a few information on these incomplete 
    >> comments on the book I'm writing. The book is unfinished as 
    >> mentioned on its Web page. It has currently two reasonably 
    >> finished chapters: an introduction to R and MySQL and a case 
    >> study. As mentioned in the book, the first case study is 
    >> small by data mining standards (200 observations) and has the 
    >> goal of illustrating techniques that are shared by data 
    >> mining and other disciplines as well as smoothly introducing 
    >> the reader to R and its power. It addresses data 
    >> pre-processing techniques, data visualization, model 
    >> construction (yes, linear regression but also regression 
    >> trees), and model evaluation, selection and combination, so I 
    >> think it is a bit incorrect to say that it is about linear 
    >> regression that corresponds to 5 of the 50 pages of that chapter.
    >> The third (unfinished) chapter (2nd case study) is about 
    >> financial trading. It includes topics like connections to 
    >> data bases as well as many other components of a knowledge 
    >> discovery process. Among those components it includes model 
    >> construction that involves obviously time series models given 
    >> the nature of the data. The chapter will include other steps 
    >> like issues concerning moving from predictions into actions, 
    >> creation of variables from the original time series, etc.. It 
    >> is currently being re-written and I expect to upload soon a 
    >> new revised version of this chapter.
    >> The book will include at least two further cases studies that 
    >> will be larger. Still, I would note that the financial 
    >> trading case study is potentially very large, as it is a 
    >> problem where data is constantly growing. The final version 
    >> of that chapter addresses this issue of having a system that 
    >> is online in the sense that it is receiving new data in real 
    >> time (also known as mining data streams in the data mining field).
    >> I'm sorry for being so long, but I think it is dangerous to 
    >> try to resume around 200 pages of an unfinished work in two 
    >> lines of text.
    >> Still, all comments on this on going project are very well 
    >> welcome and I would like to take this opportunity to thank 
    >> all people that have been sending me encouraging comments/emails.
    >> Luis Torgo
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