[R] Mac: importing saved PDF figures into Illustrator CS

Tilo Blenk tilo.blenk at charite.de
Sun Oct 10 00:03:28 CEST 2004

Rene Bertin wrote:

 > Hello,
 > This is a usage question for others with experience of R under the  
Aqua Mac OS
 > X interface.
 > Basically, I don't succeed in importing PDF files (created with the  
'Save As'
 > menu to Quartz device windows) into Illustrator. Versions up to (and
 > including?) 10 loose paths (lines/polygons) and or fill them in  
black. Version
 > CS (11) on the Mac imports almost correctly, but, "to preserve  
 > some text has been outlined". In other words: *all* text in the  
figure is
 > converted to polygons. Somewhat annoying if one plans to edit the  
text, and in
 > general change the appearance. I've asked on both the Apple and Adobe
 > Illustrator forums
13 at 114.dQNuchE8byf.1@.3bb6383d/0),
 > but have not yet received any reply. Maybe someone here has found a  
way to
 > tell Illustrator not to outline ('preserve editability', in their  
jargon), or
 > some other workaround?
 > Thanks in advance, René Bertin

No real solution but try the pdf command instead of saving with the menu


the resulting pdf file can be read into Illustrator CS without  
outlining the text (Mac OS X 10.3.5 with R 1.9.1) but each character is  
in a separate text frame.

As far as I remember the paths were not lost in Illustrator 10 but just  
were invisible. Selecting everything inside the plot region and setting  
the opacity to 100% (can be done in the transparency window) solved the  


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