[R] RWinEdt

Emili Tortosa-Ausina tortosa at uji.es
Sat Oct 9 02:50:52 CEST 2004


All do also have troubles. In my case, I get the following message:

 > install.packages(choose.files('',filters=Filters[c('zip','All'),]), 
.libPaths()[1], CRAN = NULL)
package 'RWinEdt' successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
updating HTML package descriptions
 > local({pkg <- select.list(sort(.packages(all.available = TRUE)))
+ if(nchar(pkg)) library(pkg, character.only=TRUE)})
Error in firstlib(which.lib.loc, package) :
         couldn't find function "lazyLoad"
In addition: Warning message:
package RWinEdt was built under R version 2.0.0
Error in library(pkg, character.only = TRUE) :
         .First.lib failed

Any help would be appreciated!!!


At 05:14 AM 10/8/2004, henna001 at students.uni-mainz.de wrote:
>I have troubles getting RWinEdt with the R2.0.0 Version startet.
>Do I have to install a different version of RWinEdt or WinEdt?
>I have RWinEdt 1.6.1 and WinEdt 5.3.
>Anna Hennig
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