[R] Evaluating Assignment-Operator R 2.0.0

friedemann friedemann at gehrt.info
Fri Oct 8 11:36:59 CEST 2004

Dear Helpers,

in which way I have to use the assignment-operator evaluating left to right 
with R 2.0.0?

With R 2.0.0 (w2k-installation) the "superassignment" operator '<<-' seems to 
have a different behaviour compared with R 1.9.1 :

  > x<<-4
  > x
  [1] 4
  > attr(x,'y')<<-5
  Error: Object "x" not found

Using earlier versions of R I never got this error.

In the NEWS file and the docs coming along with R 2.0.0 I did not found 
anything concerning this problem.
AFAIK '=' instead of '<<-' works - but is allowed only for toplevel-

Thanks in advance, Friedemann

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