[R] Re: problems installing package in R 2.0.0

r.ghezzo@staff.mcgill.ca r.ghezzo at staff.mcgill.ca
Thu Oct 7 20:19:41 CEST 2004

I just installed R 2.0.0 in a Win XP machine. As old programs do not wor I tried
to re-install them by:

>C:\R\RW2000\bin>Rcmd INSTALL c:\r\r_src\src\autologi
>----------Making package autologi ------------------
>  adding build stamp to DESCRIPTION
>  installing R files
>  installing data files
>  installing man source files
>  installing indices
>  not zipping data
>  installing help
> >>>Building/Updating help pages for package 'autologi'
>  Formats: text html latex example chm
>  autologi                 text  html   latex   example
>wc: C:/R/rw2000/library/autologi/R/autologi: No such file or directory
>  adding MD5 sums
>* DONE <autologit>

then in R

>Packages in library 'C:/R/rw2000/library':
>autologi                ** No title available (pre-2.0.0 install?) **
>base                    The R Base Package
> ...

my directory for autologi has the following structure:


I could not find anything relevant in the last version of "Writing R Extensions"
that came with R 2.0.0.

Another question. I did a full "install packages from CRAN" but then comparing
the list of packages downloaded and installed with those in
CRAN/windows/contrib/2.0/ i found packages like moc, multidim, multiv, netCDF,
serialize, yags, xgobi. Can these packages be downloaded and installed or there
is something broken in them?
Thanks for any help and thanks to the R-Team.
Heberto Ghezzo - McGill University

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