[R] How to get F Distribution values in R

pio claudio pioclaudio at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 6 05:12:26 CEST 2004

is x in df(x,df1,df2) the significance level? the

alpha .05
    \v1    1       2       3
  1      161.448 199.500 215.707
  2       18.513  19.000  19.164
  3       10.128   9.552   9.277
this is a portion of the F distribution table..

sorry, but i still cant figure out how to use df()(or


pio claudio wrote:

>i tried to use df(x,df1,df2) but the values arent the
>same when i looked it up in a F Distribution table..
>How to get the same F Distribution values in R as in
>the f table?
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You looked up the F density (d in df is density) Try
pf, which gives 
cumulative probabilities


Kjetil Halvorsen.


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