[R] Error: cannot allocate vector of size 1125522 Kb, Reached total allocation of 510Mb

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Mon Oct 4 15:25:49 CEST 2004

Luis Rideau Cruz wrote:

> R-help
> I'm trying to compute the 'dist' function of a data set consisting of
> 16975 observations and 5 variables(2 quantitative and 3 categorical).

So what you get returned would be a 16975x16975 matrix
that inherits 288150625 elements.
You need 8 bytes per element, hence 8 * 288150625 = 2305205000, to 
represent the matrix in memory (only once!, and you might need twice or 
more available memory to work with it).

So you need as a lower bound 2.5 GB of memory, and I guess 5 GB are 
required in order to get it to work. If you have that much available, 
try again. But since you are on Windows (and have not told us), you 
might not have that much....

Uwe Ligges

> If I call the function on a subset of the data frame everything works
> fine but when I reach above 3000 observations R either crash or gives
> the following error message.
> Error: cannot allocate vector of size 1125522 Kb
> In addition: Warning messages: 
> 1: NAs introduced by coercion 
> 2: Reached total allocation of 510Mb: see help(memory.size) 
> I have tried 'help(memory.size)' and increase the 'memory.limit' but
> without success
> Can anyone help?
> Thank you in advance
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