[R] Lattice .ps graphic is rotated in LaTeX slides - PDF weirdness

Barry Rowlingson B.Rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Fri Oct 1 18:49:50 CEST 2004

Marc Schwartz wrote:

> The one advantage of the Beamer package, for those that require it, is
> that it supports pdflatex, which the others do not. Though, it can be
> used with dvips/latex + ps2pdf, where needed.

  Has anyone else hit the problem that sometimes occurs with embedded 
PostScript graphics generated by R when viewed in full-screen mode using 
Adobe Acrobat Reader in Linux? Yes, its _that_ specific.

  You get black areas all round your graphic. It looks a mess. Does it 
in acroread4 and 5. But only Linux, and only full-screen mode.

  I took some time looking at this and found it happened only when the 
EPS graphic had a clipping path set in some way. But I also stumbled 
upon a weird solution:

"Start 'acroread' on your pdf file, then do the following. From the 
menus, go to 'Edit...' then 'Preferences...' and 'Full Screen'. Change 
the default transition to 'No Transition'. Even if it already is on 'No 
Transition', in which case change it to something else and then back 
again. Now OK that dialog and get back to the main window. Go to 
full-screen mode (hint: just hit Ctrl-L for full screen mode). All 
should be well. You may wish to do this before you commence your talk."

  I don't know why this works, but it does. If this has bitten you, and 
you find xpdf not as good as acroread, then it might help.

  Note that I dont think there's anything wrong with the EPS coming out 
of R, it just manifests itself with that EPS. R could possibly work 
around it but that would probably be a huge waste of time.


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