[R] Problem with print() and backslashes.

Kevin Brinkmann kbrinkm at ump.gwdg.de
Tue Nov 30 09:42:53 CET 2004

Dear R List

I have a small problem concerning the output of print().

My version:

> R.version
platform i386-portbld-freebsd5.2
arch     i386
os       freebsd5.2
system   i386, freebsd5.2
major    1
minor    9.0
year     2004
month    04
day      12
language R

Consider this: I want to print a backslash with an exclamation mark. Here
is the output.

> print( "\!" )
[1] "!"

Now I try it differently...

> print( "\\!" )
[1] "\\!"

The output contains two backslashes. Why?



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