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Stephane DRAY dray at biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr
Fri Nov 26 22:58:34 CET 2004

I just precise my problem (and correct the subject).

Is there a way to obtain a list where each element has the name of the 
argument (as interpreted by R). The problem with my approach is that if the 
user do not type the name of the argument, this element of the list 
(returned by as.list(as.call(appel1$callf))) has no name.
I suppose that a solution could be obtained using formals, match.args... 
but I did not find it.


At 16:30 26/11/2004, Stephane DRAY wrote:
>Hello list,
>I have a question concerning argument matching I have read R Language 
>Definition before).
>I have a function multxby2 which takes as argument the call to another 
>function f1.
>I would like to take the values of xx from the call to f1 and use it in 
>Here is an example:
>multxby2 <- function(callf) {
>     appel1<-match.call()
>     appel<-as.list(as.call(appel1$callf))
>     px<-pmatch(names(appel),"xx")
>     if(sum(is.na(px))!=length(appel)) print(appel[[which(!is.na(px))]]*2)
>     # else ...
>My problem is due to the various ways that a user can enter its arguments, 
>how to be sure to get xx from various call such as:
>Is there a way to do that avoiding a lot of "if" and how to solve the last 
>case ? My practical case takes functions with around 20 arguments.
>Thanks in advance,
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