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Ronán Conroy rconroy at rcsi.ie
Thu Nov 25 17:21:44 CET 2004

Frank E Harrell Jr wrote:

> What worries me about SPSS is that it often results in poor statistical
> practice.  The defaults in dialog boxes are not very good in some cases,
> and like SAS, SPSS tends to lead users to make to many assumptions
> (linearity in regression being one of the key ones).
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My worry about SPSS is that it encourages people to do analysis and 
dataset manipulation 'on-the-fly', without leaving behind an audit trail 
that can be used to reconstruct the dataset and results. Certainly, SPSS 
has a 'paste' button which allows you to save a 'syntax' file of 
commands, but most users appear to ignore it. And post-hoc editing of 
graphs and tables cannot be saved thus (unless I'm missing out something 


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