[R] Turning strings into expressions

Alexander Sokol alexandersokol at ofir.dk
Thu Nov 25 14:09:14 CET 2004


I am running R 1.9.1 om Windows 2000 SP4. My problem is as follows:

Say I have a dataframe my.frame with column names A and B. I have a string,

[1] "A==1 & B==2"

And I would like to retrieve the subset corresponding to my.string, that is, 
from my.frame and my.string I would like to get the result of

subset(my.frame,A==1 & B==2)

So I need to find a way to convert

"A==1 & B==2"


A==1 & B==2

I at first hoped that get() could do the job, but this does not work. Does 
anyone know how to do this?


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