[R] Danish characters i R2.0.1 vs R1.9.1 under winXP

Jean Coursol Jean.Coursol at math.u-psud.fr
Thu Nov 25 10:23:51 CET 2004

The same is true in french under linux. Something changed
from 1.9.1 to 2.0.0.

First, it is necessary to have .inputrc (in $HOME) 
(or $INPUTRC defined) to enter and display 8-bits 
characters under bash and R.

#.inputrc (for readline library)
set input-meta on
set output-meta on
set convert-meta off


Under R2.0.1, I have:

> élément <- "é"           # error for object name
Error: syntax error
> element <- "é"           
> element 
[1] "\351"                 # different from R1.9.1 (="é")

> Sys.setlocale('LC_ALL','fr_FR')
[1] "fr_FR"
> élément <- "é"           # OK for object name
> élément     
[1] "é"                    # OK for display

Another solution:

export LC_ALL='fr_FR'      # before loading R

and then Sys.setlocale becomes useless.

Jean Coursol

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