[R] scatterplot of 100000 points and pdf file format

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Have you tried


This will use the period as the plotting character instead of the 'circle'
which is drawn.  This should reduce the size of the PDF file.

I have done scatter plots with 2M points and they are typically meaningless
with that many points overlaid.  Check out 'hexbin' on Bioconductor (you
can download the package from the RGUI window.  This is a much better way
of showing some information since it will plot the number of points that
are within a hexagon.  I have found this to be a better way of looking at
some data.
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I want to draw a scatter plot with 1M  and more points and save it as pdf.
This makes the pdf file large.
So i tried to save the file first as png and than convert it to pdf.
This looks OK if printed but if viewed e.g. with acrobat as document
figure the quality is bad.

Anyone knows a way to reduce the size but keep the quality?


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