[R] scatterplot of 100000 points and pdf file format

Sean Davis sdavis2 at mail.nih.gov
Wed Nov 24 18:44:05 CET 2004

Do you have a measures of "scatter" or can you pick "outliers" that 
could allow you to produce a "mixed" plot using either density or 
hexbinned data with only outliers placed after-the-fact using points()?


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>> Subject: [R] scatterplot of 100000 points and pdf file format
>> Hi,
>> I want to draw a scatter plot with 1M  and more points and
>> save it as pdf.
>> This makes the pdf file large.
>> So i tried to save the file first as png and than convert it to pdf.
>> This looks OK if printed but if viewed e.g. with acrobat as document
>> figure the quality is bad.
>> Anyone knows a way to reduce the size but keep the quality?

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