[R] Posting to 2 mailing lists {was "How to extract data?"}

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 24 10:47:16 CET 2004

You posted the referenced message to both
R-help and R-sig-finance.

Please do *not* post to more than one R-list!
Please do *not* post to more than one R-list!
Please do *not* post to more than one R-list!
Please decide if something is specific for an R-SIG-<foo> list
or if it belongs to R-help (or R-devel) and post to one and only
one mailing list!

We had another mess recently with this by a posting to both
R-help and R-sig-gui (and I think another one where
even 3 mailing lists where affected). The whole thing is a
particular impoliteness to all those people -- often the nice
helpers! -- who are subscribed to more than one of the implied

Chosing one list, the discussion thread will be archived/seen/read
consistently both on the server archives and people's mail/news boxes.

- If the thread should be *diverted* to another list, there
  could be *one* overlap message (posting to both), 
  where the move should be announced

- If you deem it relevant, you can still alert the readers of
  one list to a "hot topic" on another list, e.g., by posting an
  URL to the starting message in an (online) archive.

Martin Maechler, ETH Zurich

PS: Of course, I've been tempted for a moment
    to post this to all R- mailing lists  ;-) :-)

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