[R] Weibull survival regression

Eric Lim eric.lim at cvsnet.org
Tue Nov 23 23:21:01 CET 2004

A big thank you to everyone who responded...

Using Ales Ziberna solution with the lung dataset, I obtained:

> plot(survfit(Surv(time,status),data=lung))

Error in Surv(time, status) : Time variable is not numeric
In addition: Warning message: 
is.na() applied to non-(list or vector) in: is.na(time)

Using Thomas Lumley's solution with the lung dataset, I obtained:

> curve(pweibull(x, scale=1/coef(lung.wbs), shape=1/lung.wbs$scale,
      lower.tail=FALSE),from=0, to=max(lung$time))

A Weibull survival plot appearing as a 90 degree `L' at the extremes of
the plot

I managed to obtain the solution by combining the two solutions:

lung.wbs <- survreg( Surv(futime, status)~ 1, data=lung, dist='weibull')

plot (survfit(Surv(futime,status)~1, data=lung))

curve (exp (- (exp( lung.wbs$coef[1])*x)^(1/lung.wbs$scale)),
col="black", add=T, from=0, to=30)

Kind regards,

Eric Lim
Papworth Hospital 
Cambridge, UK

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