[R] Weibull survival regression

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Tue Nov 23 11:32:18 CET 2004

PS: You can plot hazard in a similar way

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Subject: [R] Weibull survival regression

Dear R users,

Please can you help me with a relatively straightforward problem that I
am struggling with? I am simply trying to plot a baseline survivor and
hazard function for a simple data set of lung cancer survival where
`futime' is follow up time in months and status is 1=dead and 0=alive.

Using the survival package:

lung.wbs <- survreg( Surv(futime, status)~ 1, data=lung, dist='weibull')

plot (lung.wbs)

Returns the error msg:

Error in xy.coords(x, y, xlabel, ylabel, log) :
        x and y lengths differ

Using the Design package:

lung.wbd <- psm (Surv (futime, status)~ 1, dist="weibull", data=lung,


Returns the error msg:

Error in survplot.Design(lung.wbd) : fit does not have design

Using the eha package (I have not figured out how to get baseline
function only, but have used ht=0/1 hypertension as a covariate):

lung.wbe <- weibreg (Surv (futime, status)~ ht, y=T, data=audit,

plot (lung.wbe)

I get a plot with hazard (y) against age (x) ??? I cannot control the
axes with labeling and any other covariate gets the same plot.

I have tried using covariates in the Design and Survival packages, but
they always return the same error msgs. I realise that the former 2 are
AFT survival models, but even when I convert the object with pphsm() in
the Design package, I get the same errors.

Please can anyone enlighten me as to what I seem to be doing /
understanding wrongly?


Eric Lim
Papworth Hospital
Cambridge, UK

           futime status
 [1,]  0.40000000      1
 [2,]  0.80000000      1
 [3,]  7.10000000      1
 [4,]  3.00000000      1
 [5,]  0.63333333      1
 [6,]  9.93333333      1
 [7,]  0.50000000      1
 [8,]  6.93333333      1
 [9,] 23.33333333      1
[10,]  1.73333333      1
[11,] 24.66666667      1
[12,]  0.06666667      1
[13,] 14.43333333      1
[14,]  8.83333333      0
[15,] 27.53333333      0

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