[R] How to change the significant codes default?

Shigeru Mase mase at is.titech.ac.jp
Sat Nov 20 18:12:53 CET 2004

Dear R experts,

I am posting this question on behalf of a Japanese R user
who wants to know how to change the siginificant codes default.
As you know, R's default significant codes are:

 Signif. codes:  0 `***' 0.001 `**' 0.01 `*' 0.05 `.' 0.1 ` ' 1

But he says that it is usual in economics to give codes such as

 `***' for 0.01, `**' for 0.05 and `*' for 0.10

I don't know if this is true (common) or not, but what I as well
as he are puzzled is that, apparently, there is no part in the code,
say that of summary.lm, which produces these significant codes
as well as the annotation above. A quick search of "rking" using
keywords "significant codes star" gave me no information.

Thanks in advance.

I use R 2.0.0 on Debian GNU Linux (don't know his).

Shigeru MASE <mase at is.titech.ac.jp>
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Dept. of Math. and Comp. Sciences, Tokyo, Japan

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