[R] The hidden costs of GPL software?

Cliff Lunneborg cliff at ms.washington.edu
Fri Nov 19 22:59:23 CET 2004

Could I voice my support for the sixth point raised by John Fox? Many
users would find such a development to be enormously useful.

"  (6) As has been pointed out, e.g., by Duncan Murdoch, solving the
function-locating problem is best done by a method or methods that
automatically accommodate the growing and changing set of contributed
packages on CRAN.  Why not, as previously has been proposed, replace the
current static (and, in my view, not very useful) set of keywords in R
documentation with the requirement that package authors supply their own
keywords for each documented object? I believe that this is the intent
the concept entries in Rd files, but their use certainly is not required
even actively encouraged. (They're just mentioned in passing in the
R Extensions manual.)"

Cliff Lunneborg, Professor Emeritus, Statistics &
Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle
cliff at ms.washington.edu

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