[R] Tools for data preparation?

Marc Mamin M.Mamin at intershop.de
Fri Nov 19 10:28:00 CET 2004

Hello David,

I had the same problem with log files containing many fields separated by the "|" character.

My task was to extract parts of some fields with regular expression and normalize the result to compact them (using R functions factor and table)

To reduce the data size, I first split the logfile into "subfiles" containing only one field from the original data.
So I could process one field after the other instead of loading the complete log file.

under Linux:

	#index: list of fields to keep
	#afile: logfile
	system(paste('for n  in ',index,'; \n',
         'do sudo gzip -dc ',afile,' | cut -f$n -d"|" > ',tmpdir,'/',afile,'.$n \n',

exampe: cutfile(c(1,5,8),'mylog',outputdir,sourcedir)

=> files mylog,1, mylog.5, mylog.8


Marc Mamin

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Hello list,

I'm regularly in the position where I have to do a lot of data
manipulation, in order to get the data I have into a format R is happy
with.  This manipulation would generally be in one of two forms:
- getting data from e.g. text log files into a tabular format
- extracting sensible sample data from a very large data set (i.e. too
large for R to handle)

In general, I use Perl or Python to do the task; I'm curious as to
what others use when they hit the same problem.


Dave Mitchell

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