[R] NLME plottting and Confidence Intervals

Greg Tarpinian sasprog474 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 19 03:03:20 CET 2004


I have been learning about mixed models and have been
able to successfully use lme( ) and nlme( ) to fit
some simple linear and 4PL logistic models.  As a 
relative "newbie" I am at a loss as to how I can do
the following:

(1) Import a SAS dataset with DATE9. formatted time
    values and get them converted into a convenient
    time variable for use with the nlme package.  In
    particular, I would like to use the lattice 
    package to produce panel plots for diagnostic and
    exploratory purposes.

(2) Plot the fitted model(s) along with appropriate
    95% confidence bounds for the model

(3) Obtain prediction intervals for given individuals
    in the datasets.

Sorry for what must be trivial questions!  I very
much appreciate any insight.


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