[R] hashing using named lists

Huntsinger, Reid reid_huntsinger at merck.com
Thu Nov 18 19:14:54 CET 2004

It seems that that behavior is hard-coded in the subscript code, 
but I bet you could fix it easily by changing the call to get1index

 offset = get1index(CAR(subs), getAttrib(x, R_NamesSymbol),
                           length(x), /*partial ok*/TRUE, i);

in src/main/subset.c (line 762 I think, R-2.0.0) to supply FALSE in place of
TRUE and recompiling... I haven't tried yet though so maybe I'm quite badly

Reid Huntsinger 

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hi all,
I am trying to use named list to hash a bunch of vector by name, for 
test = list()
test$name = c(1,2,3)

the problem is that when i try to get the values back by using the 
name, the matching isn't done in an exact way, so
test$na is not NULL.

is there a way around this?
Why by default all.equal.list doesnt require an exact match?
How can I do hashing in R?


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