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If this is a quick and dirty process you want rather than learning all the capabilities that are in R then I would copy the density curve (or the bits you like) into your favourite image editor, and use it's capabilities to pretty it up.

However there are a number of options. Firstly you have chosen to plot density(y). When I looked at the help for density it gives the values returned by density. If you want a custom plot maybe you should try

dcurve <- density(y)

you could then directly access the $x and $y components as you would in any plot

For instance plot(density(y)) gives you the grey line. However plot(dcurve$x,dcurve$y,type = "l") gives you a different type of plot.

As for arrowheads one could create an appropriate "polygon" to stick at each end. Which for a one off might be a bit of overkill. Sometime in all of this you'll also probably encounter clipping, in which case par(xpd = TRUE) will often help. Just remember to turn if off or you may find unwanted graphics appearing later on.

For putting the labels where you want you could use "mtext." This gives you control over where you want to place the text.

A word of caution. If you are going to start prettying up you plots to very specific standards make sure that you are working on the final device from which you wish to take the final copy. Each of the devices have their own capabilities which are often not related to R but rather to their own environment. That is you can't get a plot looking perfect in a window and assume that the same code sent to a postscript device will produce identical results. 

R can give you very good graphics, often straight out of the box, but like any publishing process it can be a bit fiddly.

Tom Mulholland
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Hi there,


I produced a plot using the following codes:


y<-rnorm(1000, 2, 0)

x0<-c(0, 0)

y0<-c(0, 0)

y1<-c(0, 1)

x1<-c(0, 4)

plot(density(y), ylab="Abundance of species", xlab="Environmental
gradient", main=" ", 

   xlim=c(0, 4), ylim=c(0, 1), lty=2, col=4, xaxt="n", yaxt="n",

lines(x0, y1) # add an axis

lines(x1, y0) # add an axis

arrows(3.95, 0, 4, 0,  angle = 15, length = 0.1)

arrows(0, 0.98, 0, 1,  angle = 15, length = 0.1)


Please help me to remove the grey horizontal line and put the axis
labels closer to the axes. And also appreciate any suggestions on how to
make those arrows look nicer, e.g. a filled small arrow for each axis,
like what from points(0, 1,   pch=17), but a slightly narrowed one.




Jin Li


Jin Li, PhD

Climate Impacts Modeller

CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems

Atherton, QLD 4883, Australia



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