[R] Non-Linear Regression on a Matrix

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If your "non-linear function (A, B)" is parametric nls should do it for
you.  If you have R version 2 (perhaps even 1.9) do ?nls to see the help
page.  Older versions of R require library(nls) first.

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Hi, I'm terribly sorry for submitting my primitive question, I'm a
beginner in R and was hoping to get some help re: non-linear fit.

I have a 2D data with the following structure:

A     B        C
1      1      111
1      2      121
1      3      131
2      1      141
2      2      151
2      3      161
3      1      171
3      2      181
3      3      191

I'm trying to fit C = non-linear function (A,B). I was wondering if
there's a package that would save my time of doing direct least square

Thank you,

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