[R] problems with compiling a package

r.ghezzo@staff.mcgill.ca r.ghezzo at staff.mcgill.ca
Tue Nov 16 20:42:18 CET 2004

Hello, I am trying to compile packages for R2.0.0 patch in a win XP machine.
Most of the packages compile without problems, with C or FTG or only R.
Now some packeges give the following error which I do not understand how to
preparing package xxx for lazy loading
Error in "names <- .default"('*tmp*',value=c("R","Platform","Date",   :
  names attribute[4] must be the same length as the vector [3]
Execution halted
make: *** [lazyload] Error 1
Can somebody tell me how I can correct this error?

One other question, this npreparing package for lazy loading does not occur for
all packages, although their DESCRIPTION and folders are similar, When does a
package goes to lazy loading and when it does not?
Heberto Ghezzo
McGill U
Montreal - Canada

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