[R] Please help using SQL with R & SQL Server

Bos, Roger BosR at ny.rothinc.com
Tue Nov 16 18:26:33 CET 2004

I cannot get a database connection in R to my MS SQL Server database.  In
S-Plus 6.2 I have used the following successfully:

	rawdata <- importData(type="DIRECT-SQL", user="xfl2",
password="xfl2", server="rinnycs0059", database="xf", table="",
sqlQuery="select * from testTbl")

In R I have tried both DBI and RSQLite, but have not had any luck.  It
always says cannot find driver.  All the examples use My SQL or some other
program.  I only have SQL Server by Microsoft.  I know R might not have a
native driver, but I have tried "ODBC", too, without luck.  If anyone can
give me an example and hints on finding the driver that would be great!
Thanks.  Roger

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