[R] From S-Plus to R?

Isabelle Braud braud at lyon.cemagref.fr
Tue Nov 16 10:27:58 CET 2004

Dear collegues,

I am using S-Plus for many years and is thinking of moving to R.
In the FAQ I did not manage to find an answer to the following questions:
Is it easy to move and transform functions, written under S-plus to 
functions under R?

Furthermore, S-Plus has interesting functions to deal with regular and 
irregular times series (rts, its, ts.plot, ts.lines, ts.points, 
aggregate.rts, etc..) and the possibility to plot, on the same graphic, 
regular time series with different frequencies and even irregular time 
series. Is it still possible in R?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
Best wishes
Isabelle Braud
Isabelle BRAUD
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