[R] glim in R?

Tim F Liao tfliao at uiuc.edu
Tue Nov 16 02:44:56 CET 2004

Great suggestions, and it looks like either suggestion 
should work, although the output from glm may not conform to 
those from glim, thus some more code there perhaps.

Many thanks,


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>Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 14:28:50 -0400 (AST)
>From: Rolf Turner <rolf at math.unb.ca>  
>Subject: Re: [R] glim in R?  
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>Tim Liao wrote:
>> After some futile searches, I decided to ask the list to 
see if any
>> of the sages out there would have an answer:
>> I have a function I wrote a few years ago in S, which 
calls glim
>> numerous times.  I'd like to port it to R, but glm works 
>> from glim, which takes as part of its input an X design 
matrix.  I
>> probably could write a function to convert glim to glm, 
but hope this
>> wouldn't be necessary...
>I doubt that you will get any joy in locating a glim() 
function for
>R.  No-one would write one; that would be wheel-re-
invention given the
>existence of glm().
>The glim() function is antiquated and is or should be 
>The technology has moved beyond that.  What you really 
should do is
>re-write your code to call glm().
>If it is ***really*** necessary to pass the design matrix, 
you should
>be able to
>	o convert that matrix to a data frame, say ``ddd''
>	o call glm(formula,data=ddd)
>	o the formula would presumably be simply something
>	  like ``y ~ .'' since the predictors would simply
>	  be all of the individual columns of your data 
>I can't see this as being particularly difficult recoding.  
Or if you
>insist, you could do just create your glim() function as:
>	glim <- function(y,X,...) {
>		X <- as.data.frame(X)
>		glm(y~.,data=X,...)
>	}
>(I can't really remember the glim syntax, but ``glim
(y,X,...)'' is
>a reasonable facsimile.)
>If your design matrix has a constant column you would want 
to strip
>it out before passing the matrix to you glim() function.
>				cheers,
>					Rolf Turner
>					rolf at math.unb.ca

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